May 3, 2012 :

ALT ROCK/ALT DANCE/INDIE ELECTRONIC ALL NIGHT! Starting May 3, I'll be bringing the sounds of my Tuesday night radio show 'DATABASE', to JUJU Lounge, in Belltown! ZERO COVER, cheap drinks, stellar Music. This is Seattle's ONLY weekly Alternative night. Hear stuff like Foster The People, Grouplove, Madeon, Neon Indian, MGMT, Yelle, Justice, Housse De Racket, Laytron, Daft Punk, M.I.A AND MUCH more, all mixed by yours truly. Not familiar with DATABASE? ALL GOOD! Stream/download past shows, checkout playlists, and find details on other Seattle Indie Dance nights on the official, DATABASE WEBSITE.!

Apr 11, 2012 :

2012 COACHELLA MIXTAPE! featuring: Martin Solveig - The Night Out [Madeon Remix], Childish Gambino - Heartbeat [acapella], Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound, AWOLNation - Not Your Fault [Kastra Remix], Gotye ft Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know [4FRNT Remix], Dragonette - Hello [acapella], Housse De Racket - Chateau [Hey Champ Remix], Miike Snow - Paddling Out [Wolfgang Gartner Remix], Justice - Civilization [LAZRTAG Remix], M83 - Midnight City [Eric Prydz Remix],Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out [Benny Benassi Remix], Dada Life - Happy Violence, Afrojack ft Eva Simons - Take Over Control, Avicii - Next Levels [TheFatRat Remix] Madeon - Icarus, La Roux - Bulletproof [Tiborg Remix], Nero - Must Be The Feeling, Santigold - Disparate Youth [The 2 Bears Remix], The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love [A-Trak Remix]


Dec 1, 2011 :

HAUX, HAUX, HAUX! It's that Season again! Time to bring back the 'Ugly Sweater Mix!' … I originally created this a few years back for a Holiday Party at my place. It's definitely one of the most timeless pieces I've ever created, and ironically, I slapped this together with very little effort. So, decorate the Tree, bake some cookies & make this somewhat hilarious mix part of your Holiday Season traditions! Enjoy!


Sept 27, 2011 :

During a much needed 15 month vacay from radio, I did some serious soul searching. The Music which is closest to my heart, is Alternative. I've always wanted to create a program for listeners who like Dance Music, with an Alternative agenda. Indie Dance/New Rave/Alt Dance; whatever you call it, this Music is important. So I present DATABASE. A weekly show dedicated to this vision. Every Tuesday Night from 11-1 on C89.5, hear artists like Justice, La Roux, Passion Pit, Foster The People, Phoenix and MORE! Sound cool? Check out my latest show HERE!!

Sept 16th, 2011 :

HUGE NIGHT FOR MASHUPS in the Pacific North West, as World Famous 'Bootie' returns to Seattle! Myself and fellow Seattlite Mashup nerds (Freddie King of Pants, DJ Topcat & more) take over Chop Suey at 9PM. $5 before 10 PM . $8 after… FREE Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people! For all things Bootie related, including TONS of free Mashups, please visit the official Bootie website HERE!




July 11th, 2011 :

I had the honor of DJ'ing the WORLDS BIGGEST MASHUP PARTY - Bootie SF, this past weekend! There is nothing like this club-night. ANYTHING goes… nobody judges anybody for being themselves. That being said, I dropped an hour set on 1000 animals! I recorded the live stream from DNA Lounge's webcast… what you here is exactly how it went down. A HUGE THANKS to Adrian and Mysterious D for booking me at their incredible night! They are the center of EVERYTHING, for the Mashup community. For all things related, including TONS of free Mashups, please visit the official Bootie website HERE!


May 27th, 2011 :

Is it really that time, again?! Yes… yes it is. Two weeks left until my yearly shit-show. This time it's going down at Last Supper Club, Pioneer Square-Seattle! Local DJ Christyle will be opening for my friend (and one of my favorite DJs) DJ Kevin Scott (LA/Vegas/International)! Join me and hundreds of my friends, Friday June 10, for my official Birthday Bash! HUGE THANKS to DJ Kevin Scott as usual, for providing the music at my soiree. Also thanks to DJ Cide & The Syndicate Artists, Last Supper Club, and EVERYONE who's joining me! Wanna get on the list for my Birthday Bash? Space is limited, so SIGN UP NOW! Sign up here.




May 24, 2011 :

With the many artists featured on 'LETS GAUX!', I found it humbling that one in particular, acknowledged my use of their vocals. Bangloose, the Los Angeles based lyricist featured on Deadmau5's 'Hi Friend (Remix)', decided to go viral with my Mashup snippet from 'LETS GAUX!' Peep the video below!


Apr 1, 2011 :

Nearly 6 months of collecting, organizing & experimenting with Audio, has lead to this! My newest full length Mashup Mix "LETS GAUX!" has pushed the limits of my creative threshold. This is the most personal thing I've ever created. If you know me, then you'll totally understand the personality traits behind this project. If you DON'T know me, you'll get to. "LETS GAUX!" leans heavy on Alternative Music. The contrast between miscellaneous Urban lyrics, over bands like The Black Keys, Smashing Pumpkins & Coldplay, is incredible. Of course I've added plenty of 80's & 90's classics to the pot. There are 218 recognizable tunes in 41 minutes. Not to mention hundreds of beats I've collected and manipulated. This is what music sounds like to me. It's a constant clutter in my brain that never rests. I hope you enjoy "LETS GAUX!" Thank you for listening!


Mar 2, 2011 :

In anticipation for the release of my new CD "LETS GAUX!", I decided to remaster AUDIOPHILE! The compression rate on the original was WAT TO HIGH. I went back into the sessions and improved the fidelity. Considering this mix is my baby, I feel confident in the quality of this re-release. If you haven't heard it, PLEASE download and enjoy! If you HAVE heard it, download also… trash the old one. On a side note: I've decided to return to radio. I'm not sure what station, so I'll keep you posted! "Do It Live" mixes along with radio mixes to be expected once "LETS GAUX!" is completed.


Feb 18, 2011 :

If you know me, than you know I'm an Apple guy. I own just about every apple product on the market today. That being said, when I was asked to DJ a Microsoft gig, I thought "Oh the irony." However, I would never turn down the opportunity to market myself to such a HUGE company! Twice a year Microsoft throws a party of epic proportions. "Techready" is a global gathering of 25,000 Microsoft employees, mostly European. Tonight I'll be in the mix at Microsoft headquarter, and possibly teaching Bill Gates how to dougie! (POST PARTY REVIEW: Wonderful crowd! Took awhile to warm up… but then it was ON! Played all House to an appreciative European based group of tech gurus. Of course, I had to cover the back of my Mac with tape… but that goes along with the territory. HUGE THANKS to Tamara and Desi from Vangard Events, and DJ Aanshul!)


Jan 20, 2011 :

Months of living inside my Mac, on Pro Tools have been paying off. Within a few weeks, my NEW Mashup Mix will be complete! I was reluctant to begin such a HUGE project, as AUDIOPHILE took nearly 6 months to create. But, I realized a few things. The mainstream DJ community turned it's back on Mashups. A sea of amateur producers, (that JUST bought Ableton, Acid or Logic) ruined the desire for the genre. Over-saturated Fat Man Scoop & Whitney Houston acapellas vs random 80s songs, does indeed become boring. Mass DJs turned their back on Mashups, and swiftly chose the next musical flavor of the week (B-More, Electro, Dubstep). Mashups happen to be my favorite style of music. Maybe my sense of humor, A.D.H.D, or being bored with most music in general has something to do with it. I was waiting for the HANDFUL of Mashup Producers I respect (Girl Talk, Party Ben etc.) to create art for me to enjoy, rather than creating it myself. No longer. Once this mix is complete, I will begin another one! Good things to come, people! Good things.


Dec 08, 2010 :

SEATTLE! Join me December 31 for New Years Eve 2011 at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal! I'll be opening for Grammy Winning producer/song writer & DJ Jermaine Dupri! Tickets at LET'S GAUX!!! (POST PARTY REVIEW: After DJ'ing at Smith Cove for the first time, I was extremely impressed. Unbelievable decor and vibe created by Epoch Entertainment. Most definitely have to send a HUGE shout out to JB & Conor for lining this night up! If you have the chance to attend an Epoch Entertainment event, DO SO!)


Nov 29, 2010 :


This coming Saturday, I'll be on the turntables at the ECS (Emerald City Supporters) first annual Seattle Sounder Supporter - End of Season Party! This should be pretty sick… Seattle Sounders players will be in attendance! Party's going down at Cirque Event Center (Seattle Center) 9:00-2:30. Grab ticket info & further details HERE! LET'S GO MENTAL! (POST PARTY REVIEW: I wasn't sure what kind of madness to expect at this event. I don't follow The Sounders (or ANY sport… calm down LOL), so I walked in feeling awkward. However, that feeling was quickly turned into amazement. Sounders fans ROCK! Danced to nothing but Electro for 2 straight hours! Gotta love that… I'll definitely be back next year. Big thanks to Eagle Bear aka DJ E Bam, and Frank Ramirez)


Oct 29, 2010 :

BIG SHOUT OUT to D-Twizzle from the Seattle based VJ's collaboration 'Beta Testerz'. He devoted some of his time this week and created something spectacular! My weekly (OK, sometimes biweekly) web-mix series 'DO IT LIVE' went ALL 80s this past edition! D-Twizzle liked it so much, he created a mobile video mix for it! Here's what D-Twizzle says "The 80’s was a great decade for music. People who don’t agree with me are most likely under 25 years old and didn’t really get to experience it. Local Seattle DJ, Victor Menegaux, puts out a weekly “Do It Live” mix and this last week he put out an 80’s edition. I decided to put together a quick video edit to the mix. I sacrifice a little bit of video quality for file size because I don’t want it to take forever to download. I got the video mix copied to my Samsung Vibrant phone and it looks pretty good!! For those that want to watch on their computer, I recommend using VLC Media Player."

iPod/iPhone/Android compatible Mp4, perfect for on-the-go 80s action!

Please DOWNLOAD AWAY! Make sure you check out the official Beta Testerz blog HERE, and follow them on Twitter HERE.


Sept 23, 2010 :

Z-TRIP KICKS OFF LAST WEEKEND'S SHOW WITH MY TRACK! Last weekend, World Famous DJ/Producer & founder of the "Mash Up" DJ Z-Trip opened his set at Vain Nightclub in Detroit, with my remix of 'Give A Little Bit' by Supertramp. Zach (Z-Trip) had emailed me mentioning he enjoyed the track... which was TOTALLY thrilling to me! In my opinion, Z-Trip is by far the most interesting DJ to catch live. Always keeps his sets fresh, creative & well balanced. Check out Z-Trips official site for ALL THINGS Z-TRIP! Download my remix of 'Give A Little Bit' HERE!


Sept 22, 2010 :

MASH-UP YOUR BOOTZ Radio broadcast will be airing 'AUDIOPHILE' this Saturday night (September 25th) for there 100th show! Well... more like Saturday afternoon for those in the U.S. The Webcast is out of Berlin, Germany by Berlin's own Dr. Waumiau (Christian Volkamer), a Mashup producer, Resident of 'Bootie - Berlin' & host of MASH-UP YOUR BOOTZ. Listen online HERE!Or download the entire show HERE!


Aug 18, 2010 :

Announcing "Do It Live"... new weekly LIVE mix! There have been TONS of people asking me lately, "When are you gonna return to radio?" ... or "Where can I download your radio mixes?" Incase it wasn't obvious to my followers, I did in-fact quit radio this past June. I haven't decided whether my sabbatical will be permanent, or return this Fall. HOWEVER, in the meantime enjoy this NEW weekly mix! Just like the radio ones I did for years, except I can play WHATEVER I WANT... Which means I can drop hella F-BOMBS! Some weeks it'll be Top 40 ish... others Alt Dance or 80s. Anything goes! Thanks for listening, ENJOY!


Aug 3rd, 2010 :

Did a quick DJ questionnaire for ... 5 questions & Top 5 Current records. Here is the article!


June 15, 2010:

I was featured in Houston's 'Barstool Mag' this month, where I revealed a 'Top Ten'
list of tunes I'm known to drop. Some of these are staples in my sets, others are
current curve balls.

June 11, 2010:

I recently sat down with the guys from for a little 'DJ Nerd-Out' session. Check out my interview (mostly covering remixing & DJ theory) NOW!

June 4th, 2010 :

Every year on June 11, I throw down BIG! (usually right before I throw up big) This year is NO exception. First of all, my birthday actually lands on a Friday, which is awesome. Secondly, I've decided to take the night off, and party my FACE OFF. Trinity Nightclub, Seattle... DJ Phase opening for one of my favorite DJ's, DJ Kevin Scott (LA)! Join me next Friday for my official Birthday Bash! HUGE THANKS to DJ Kevin Scott for providing the music for my soiree. Wanna get on the list for my Birthday Bash? Sign up here.




June 2nd, 2010 :

Thanks to DJ JD & DJ Jay Spring from for mentioning (and helping promote) one of my recent remixes! 'Talk Is Cheap' is an uptempo blend of mostly DMX tracks, 'Party Up' specifically. Check out their unique perspective. 

Episode 057 - Talk Is Cheap (Victor Menegaux Remix) from Remix Report

May 22nd, 2010 :

I've managed to sneak my way into the legendary Bootie Top 10 AGAIN! Nookieflies (well, actually the Bootie Top 25, Extra Late-Post Tour Edition) ... I'll still take it! Their selection of mine is Owl City vs Limp Bizkit 'Nookieflies'. Incase you're not hip to the Mashup community, Adrian & Mysterious D are co-creators & founders of Bootie. Launched in 2003, Bootie was the first club night in the U.S. dedicated solely to the burgeoning artform of the bootleg mashup -- and is now the biggest mashup event in the world, with regular parties in several cities on four continents, and various one-offs around the globe. Mixing and matching every musical genre, era, and style into one big dance party where everyone feels welcome, Bootie provides the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation.

May 5th, 2010 :

Welcome to !!! I’ve been creating a new site for several months, and it’s finally here! On the site you’ll find my radio/non-radio mixes to download, an upcoming events calendar, links to businesses I contribute to, and social networking sites. Also, expect an ongoing rant here on the main page. Everything from new music I’m feeling, to what my night was like at the Club. If it’s on my mind, I’ll be blogging about it. However, for now please take a minute to peruse the site. I will no longer be using (let’s face it, it’s been an abandoned ship yard for over a year now anyway) … so, dump that chicken dinner and get with a winner! <<< Always wanted to type that.

Bookmark me, and be on the lookout for exclusive FREE tracks & mixes! Also check out my homies Scott & Joey who helped turn my website vision into reality. &

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